Web development at Web Vertex

The features of the websites built by Web Vertex:

  • Great functionality, according to client requirements.
  • Responsive design.
  • Up-to-date, clean and standard compliant code.
  • Cross-browser compatibility.
  • Quick loading time.
  • Search Engine Optimised

If you are unsure about what some of these things mean, you can read our blog, where we have some articles explaining what responsive design is and why it is so important nowadays. Or how to manage to get your websites on the first page of Google for some keywords, which has to do with search engine optimisation.

Or you could also contact us with any question or simply arrange a free meeting for consultancy.

Website developed around your business needs

Apart from the features mentioned above, at Web Vertex we make sure that we listen and fully understand your needs.

We know that most of the websites come to existence in order to increase the revenue of a business. If this is your case, we know how important the achievement of this goal is, and we will keep this in mind at every step of the design and development process.

Some other websites are built for sharing information. Or for displaying creative work. Or maybe some other reason.

Whatever you want to achieve with your website, we’re here to listen and make it happen.

Affordable, flexible prices

A great website doesn’t always have to be expensive. We can always work around your budget and find the most convenient option.

We don’t have fixed prices for a website. We have guiding price ranges, because it all depends on the customer’s needs and on how much hard work we need to put into delivering the final product. But when something may seem difficult for you,  it could be quite easy for us.

So why not ask us first? You might be able to get a fancy website, built by pros, for a price much lower than you thought!

  • Coding

    This is the stage where some of us are typing frenetically on a keyboard, headphones on, while the others are checking now and then on the progress in beta mode.

  • Testing

    When the developers think they have finished coding, a group of dedicated testers will start trying to prove them wrong by checking the functionality of the website, the cross-browser compatibility, the responsive design, and the standard compliance of the code.

  • Customer feedback

    After the team agree that the finished product meets the initial requirements, they ask for the client’s opinion. Amendments are carried out as necessary.

  • Launch

    When the client said “yes”, the website goes online and is submitted to the search engines. Further digital marketing services may be supplied if required.