How does web design start at Web Vertex?

It all starts with listening to you and it continues with writing down your requirements. This will lead us to the conception phase. Based on this conception, we will build a wireframe, which will be sent to you, so you can confirm that we have your perfect design.

What’s next?

The next step is confirming the color scheme and the layout with you. Not only for the home page, but for all the pages you need: main navigation, sub-pages etc. If your website will require more than 10 pages, we will build an information architecture plan for you.

At this stage we will also pick the best platform for your website, depending on the requirements.

We will want to discuss with you the use of the images on the website: we will want to make sure that they are royalty-free, of good quality and that they have the right size and layout for the chosen website design. At request, we can provide images ourselves.

This is the design stage, which comes before getting to the actual coding.

Good looking and user-friendly websites

While we are perfectly aware that you might have your own idea about the design of your website, we might need to make sure that they respect some usability guidelines that we will make known to you. Adjustments can be made accordingly, with the consent of both parties.

You can also find some articles about the web usability on our blog.

Ready to take the next step ?

  • Requirements capture

    This is where we will ask you a lot of questions and try to understand your business needs and what functionality you want your website to provide. Our aim is to get as much information as we can to ensure your website enhances your business in every way.

  • Conception

    At this stage, we consider all the information we’ve got (e.g. targeted market, business type) and make important decisions which will influence the design: information architecture, platform choice, etc.

  • Wireframe

    During this step we make basic designs of the website pages. This helps the designer discover what layout the customer is looking for.

  • Final design

    Once the previous steps are completed we finalise the design by producing a mock up of your website. At this point you get to see what your site will look like in detail. Once you are happy and sign off on the design we will start to develop your site.