Search engine optimisation is a widely debated subject in the online business world at this time. Without making a fuss out of it, we will make sure from the start  that everything is right in place for you, so that search engines can find your website easily and rank it high up in the search engine result pages.

If you think you need more than just the basic SEO settings, you can arrange a meeting (free of charge) with one of our team members specialised in digital marketing, and agree upon a monthly plan. We can also explain to you why we work with monthly plans when it comes to SEO. Or you can read some SEO related articles on our blog, where this is explained thoroughly.

Content writing

Content writing is essential for SEO. If the content on a website is irrelevant, inappropriate or nearly inexistent, the SEO process will be greatly hindered. That is because bad or lack of content will upset both the users and the search engines. Although SEO stands for search engine optimisation, nowadays the SEO process is closely linked to the users and their interaction with the website. Search engines are now “trained” to understand the user and their needs. The first priority of a search engine is the user. The user should be the website owner’s first priority  as well. This can only be reflected by a good design, good code AND a great content.

If you would like to have great content on your website, written by professionals, with relevant keywords nicely mixed in, don’t hesitate to ask for some help. You don’t have to do it all by yourself, after all.

  • SEO Code

    This first stage is about having SEO in mind while designing, coding and writing the content of a website.

  • Site Audit

    This happens to websites that are already launched. We take some time to analyse the way a website behaves on line, what are the strong points and the weak points of the SEO strategy in place, and what should be the next best steps to be taken.

  • SEO strategy

    Keywords, content improvements, back links, blog, social media, on-site and off-site optimisation solutions, and all other steps.

  • SEO Monitoring

    This stage takes time and is made out of processes that are repeated over and over, with variations. This is why we offer monthly prices rather than fixed ones. Without these steps taken in an appropriate time and manner, results are difficult to track and success cannot be guaranteed.