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About business coaching at Webvertex

Who is our coach?

Our Webvertex business coach is a professionally trained coach with a background

in small business issues, employment issues and personal and professional


What will our coach do?

Our coach will work in partnership with you to build and develop your abilities and

skills by developing a relationship with you that sustains your motivation, builds your

confidence and is empowering and enabling.

Our business coach will retain an objective overview of your business by providing

you with constructive feedback whilst assisting and guiding you, the business owner

as you start, develop or grow your business.

Our coach will utilise a range of tools that will enable you to develop your business

expertise and achieve profitable and successful business outcomes.

Coaching for Businesses & Organisations

Coaching and the benefits and advantages of coaching have become

increasingly accepted within the business, commercial and employment

sectors as a highly effective model for developing and sustaining business

success, improving productivity and developing professional skills.

Coaching within businesses and organisations is becoming increasingly

recognised within the public, charity and business sectors as an effective

developmental professional resource which enables and supports businesses

and business people to meet targets and achieve success.

Coaching can be utilised to assist people who work in businesses, teams

and organisations to navigate their way in the current climate of recession in

the context of the many demands of their roles and the need for continuing

professional development (CPD) and improved business performance.

Coaching can assist business people and employers to develop a win-win

working relationships with their employees and customers.

How does the coaching relationship work?

The coaching relationship delivers results in the context of a supportive productive

relationship between our trained coach, who has knowledge and experience in

establishing and managing a business, and you, the business entrepreneur or

business owner.

Our business coach will work with you to identify any potential barriers and obstacles

to your business success and enable you to develop strategies and action plans to

overcome those barriers.

Webvertex coaching is resourceful and goes the extra mile, we are committed to

working with you to keep our customers moving in a forward direction, we do not

focus on past failures, mistakes or disappointments but enable you to learn from past

experiences and build on your capabilities and your performance into the future.

How is it delivered and accessed?

Webvertex coaching is accessed via telephone, Skype and email. The agenda and

content of the coaching session is customer focused and it is you, the customer, who

defines the coaching agenda.

Webvertex offers a range of flexible coaching packages that are based on your

individual customer needs. Our coach will conduct an initial coaching assessment

with you to identify your specific needs and negotiate a coaching agreement and an

associated bespoke coaching package that will enable you to achieve your business

goals and strategies.

Webvertex coaching will provide you with an opportunity to:

  • Think about your branding and image
  • Explore your business vision, mission and associated business values
  • Identify your customer base and potential for developing a niche market
  • Consider and identify your unique selling points (USP’s)
  • Identify your business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT)
  • Develop your business plan
  • Develop your strategy for overcoming barriers to business success
  • Identify strategies that will ensure that your business has an established
    reputation for service excellence and a leading edge approach in the current competitive market place
  • Increase your professional networking and business opportunities
  • Get some constructive enabling feedback on your initial web site concept and business ideas
  • Build your confidence and enable you to operate outside of your comfort zone
  • Identify your business goals, objectives and action based strategies
  • Sustain your fullest commitment levels

Commitment Note:

It is important that you, the client, demonstrate your full commitment to the

coaching relationship and associated actions and strategies. Our coach will

remain 100% committed to your professional success and the success of

your business throughout the coaching relationship. Our coach will NOT

do it all for you, this is not a quick fix approach, coaching will enable you to

develop the business knowhow and skills that will give you and your business

leverage for business success.