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Why should your website be responsive?

Many of us hear the term “responsive design” very often these days. I’ve heard people asking what it is, or people trying to define it in their own words. Most of them do have, by now, the right idea about what responsive web design means: the design that allows web pages to stretch and re-size […]

SEO basics

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It deals with techniques used to increase the website findability in the search engine results page (SERPs). Why should a website owner care about SEO? Because: The way a website behaves online can be improved even after it has been launched The ranking of a website affects the traffic, […]

Web usability basics

What is web usability? We talk about web usability when we refer to the set of rules that are followed while building a website in order to make it user-friendly. Why should a website be user-friendly? Whatever the main goal of a website may be (revenue booster, pure advertising, information display etc.), it aims at […]