Welcome to Web Vertex

We are a London based Web Design and Development start-up company. Web Vertex was launched in 2013. It is run by a team of enthusiastic web designers and developers. Their aim is to design and build good looking, functional and user-friendly websites.

Our mission is to provide our customers with affordable and elegant web solutions.

Our vision is to use the best of what is now available, in terms of knowledge, tools and skills, in order to provide our customers with the best user experience ever. This means we continuously check and use the best from the graphic design trends, web development and programming advancements, as well as the sharpest digital marketing insights.

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow

Leila Maqtan

Leila Maqtan

Digital marketing / UI developer

Leila spent around ten years in the academic environment. She focused mainly on linguistics and web development. Digital marketing was an unavoidable side effect.

Weakness: Chocolate.

Strength: She can work hours on end to make sure every detail is in place.

Expertise: UI development and digital marketing

Dean Mustapha

Dean Mustapha

Lead UI Developer

Dean is the geek of the team. He likes to be given the task and left alone to work on it. The results are awesome. He understands requirements and can communicate timely and effectively with the team when needed. Dean has worked in the I.T. sector for over 10 years and has a great deal experience gained from various web based projects.

Weakness: Beer

Strength: Always delivers projects on time.

Expertise: Back-end and UI development

Raluca Bolosteanu

Raluca Bolosteanu

Graphic Designer

Raluca is a self-taught graphic designer with a few years work experience. Her academic background is in Maths and Computer Science.

Weaknesses: Cats

Strengths: Commited and passionate about everything she does

Expertise: Design